OKR Examples for Company Department

The Chief of  Staff is the right hand of CEO and is responsible for various cross-functional alongwith the CEO. Chief of staff must be quick in and help various departments to align thier strategies and goals. Company alignment, Hiring and growth initiatives, Budget planning, company-wide goals and KPIs are the few areas around which the chief of staff OKRs should be build.

Here is a few examples of OKRs you can use as Chief of Staff:

OKR Examples for Company Department

Win the B2B HR Tech Market in order to emerge as a leader

  • Increase Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR) by $200,000
  • Keep monthly customer churn below 5%
  • Lower overall expenses by 5%

Build a people-friendly culture in the organization

  • Improve eNPS from 30 to 60
  • Improve Glassdoor rating from 4.3 to 4.8
  • Reduce the attrition rate to 20% from 35%

Skyrocket the revenue targets

  • Acquire 10 Enterprise Customers
  • Generate 5 Mn USD from Upsell
  • Hit 30 Mn USD in Revenue

Build a product that our customers love

  • Achieve NPS of 70
  • Improve G2 Rating from 4.1 to 4.8
  • Increase the daily active users by 100%

Scale-up successfully to achieve sustainable growth

  • Increase valuation from $1mn to $100 mn
  • Raise Series A funding round by the end of Q2
  • Increase MRR by 2x each quarter

Expand Into EMEA Market

  • Get 300K in MRR from EMEA Market
  • Increase website traffic from EMEA by 50%
  • Keep CAC below 5K

Launch V3 to improve user adoption

  • Get 500 signups for the new version
  • Make at least 33% of target persona users use all the new features
  • Achieve NPS of 60 from new users

After going through the OKR examples for the Chief of staff, we are sure you are now well-equipped to create the group and individual OKRs for your chief of staff.

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