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The Chief of  Staff is the right hand of CEO and is responsible for various cross-functional alongwith the CEO OKR. Chief of staff must be quick in and help various departments to align thier strategies and goals. Company alignment, Hiring and growth initiatives, Budget planning, company-wide goals and KPIs are the few areas around which the chief of staff OKRs should be build.

Here is a few examples of OKRs you can use as Chief of Staff and Leadership and OKR

OKR Examples for Chief of Staff Department

Increase goal alignment across the organization

  • Increase OKR adoption to 100% by ensuring everyone owns OKR in the organization
  • Reduce the number of misaligned objectives to zero
  • Increase the weekly check-ins per KR from 0.7 to 1

Implement OKRs to drive exceptional business results faster

  • Get 100% employees trained on writing OKRs
  • 100% of the team own one OKR
  • Ensure every OKR has at least 2 key results

Run a successful OKRs pilot

  • Get buy-in from 2 teams to participate in the OKR pilot
  • Get buy-in from leadership to participate in the pilot
  • Complete the pilot with a 90% success rate

Implement OKR software that increases adoption

  • 80% of KRs should be updated automatically through integrations
  • Reduce the number of misaligned objectives to zero with better visualization
  • Reduce the time in preparing for business review to 10 mins

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After going through the OKR examples for the Chief of staff, we are sure you are now well-equipped to create the group and individual OKRs for your chief of staff.

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