OKR Examples for CEO Department

OKR Examples for CEO Department

Achieve record revenue to become an investable company

  • Hit 30 Mn USD in Revenue
  • Generate 5 Mn USD from Upsell
  • Reduce churn to less than 10%

Raise Next Round Funding

  • Present the pitch to 100 VCs
  • Receive 8 term-sheets stating minimum requirement conditions
  • Close the minimum of $9mn investment

Become the most preferred app in the industry

  • Increase Unique MTU from 3 Mn to 4.5 Mn
  • Increase cross-feature usage from 1.02 to 1.08
  • Increase Monthly Active Paid Users from 10K to 20K

Expand Into EMEA Market

  • Get 300K in MRR from EMEA Market
  • Increase website traffic from EMEA by 50%
  • Keep CAC below 5K

Launch V3 to improve user adoption

  • Get 500 signups for the new version
  • Make at least 33% of target persona users use all the new features
  • Achieve NPS of 60 from new users

Build a customer-centric culture by using data-driven insights

  • Conduct 15 Interviews with churned accounts
  • Conduct 25 Interviews with existing accounts
  • Increase NPS from 40 to 60

Build an elite hybrid-work culture in the organization

  • Improve OKR Adoption in the organization from 60% to 95%
  • Improve 1-1s adoption in managers from 40% to 90%
  • At-least 80% of the teams score above 8 for manager support driver

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Industry Recognition​

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