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without changing team behavior

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Put Goals at the center of everything

Goals fail as they get scattered and misaligned. Peoplebox unifies all your goals, metrics, and project tracking systems into one place – Aligned & updated in real-time.

Goal (OKR) Management Software

Aligned Goals = Hypergrowth

40% of managers cite failure to align as the single greatest challenge to executing company strategy. And projects that are aligned with a business strategy have a 57% greater chance of succeeding.

Align every team to company’s strategic priorities with OKRs

Drive exceptional focus, transparency & accountability

Build culture of high Performance & Employee Engagement

Turn your strategy into results faster

Peoplebox's Goal Management tool lets you bring strategic alignment and execute faster with real-time updates on Goals, KPIs & Projects, and efficient business review meetings

Follow ups

Follow-ups require employees to be accountable and allow for an evaluation of what each individual is doing to reach the company’s OKR.
By communicating the success and struggles of an individual, a person can reevaluate and create new goals & progress.

Get full picture across the organization on a single page

Understand what is driving the growth of the company by viewing OKRs and their alignment across the organization

Sync with your 1:1s

With integration into 1:1, managers can have meaningful conversations with their teams on goals.

OKR Software & Slack

Integrate with Slack/Microsoft Teams

Send timely & automated reminders and nudges on slack, MS teams & emails to get update on goals.

Deep Insights on performance coupled with employee engagement

Peoplebox lets you understand how your top-performers are feeling and provide deep insights to avoid blindspots such as attrition, bad culture, lack of manager support.

OKR Consulting

Reduce the OKR implementation time from months to days and ensure OKR bring success to all the teams

Next Gen OKR Performance Management & Employee Engagement

OKR - Goal Management

  • Alignment Chart View
  • Initiative/ Task Management
  • Real-time insights & dashboard
  • Monthly Business Reviews
  • Goal Weightage
  • OKR-Google Sheet Sync
  • Smart Alerts on Slack/ Emails
  • Native Integrations
  • OKR Coaching


  • Performance Check-ins
  • Productivity Check-ins
  • 1-1 Meetings
  • 1:1 Culture Dashboard
  • Integration with Slack/ Teams
  • Performance Reviews Cycles

Employee Engagement

  • Automated Recurring Survey
  • Anonymous Messaging
  • Real-time Engagement Insights
  • Automated Report Builder
  • Coffee Connect

Automatically update progress on business results

Don’t change the behavior of your functional teams. Let your team track KPIs & run projects wherever they want, just get data from their tools

What our customers say

“There was zero time spent on training! It can not get easier than that! ”
We've been working with Peoplebox in adopting the OKR and performance review tool. The Performance Review module that Peoplebox has developed by far has to be one of the most easy-to-use tools. Driving the entire interface through slack is simply brilliant esp for a tech product company! This is perhaps one of the other reasons I've loved working with Peoplebox.

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I love that I'm able to stay organized in terms of my goals and key results.
I can add them at the beginning of each quarter and have weekly check-ins with the team on what progress has been made. This is absolute perfection as we're a fully-remote team!

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Peoplebox is a tool that we use more and better than we expected.
It is simple and easy to get started. Several executives and employees went out of their way to say that they like this tool better than what it replaced for us.

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“Best platform for driving remote teams”
We have been able to drive fast adoption of OKRs, get quick employee feedback and build strong connect across teams using the platform. The team is very forthcoming and helpful and very open to feedback.

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