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Cometchat fosters a transparent work culture with performance reviews and OKR

The Overview

CometChat is a leading enterprise communication platform that provides easy to use text chat, voice & video functionality for websites and apps across all industries. It serves over 50,000 developers across 70 countries.

The Challenge

As a platform that delivers communication services, CometChat wanted to incorporate a culture of transparency across teams and individuals. They wanted to implement a system where employees are encouraged, their concerns are addressed and their feedback is implemented. This is possible only by setting up OKR. From a business point of view, the leadership needed a platform that can calibrate and align conversations, automate the OKR process, and encourage performance reviews. Hence, they needed to adopt a platform that can connect business goals with people goals.

The Solution

CometChat partnered with Peoplebox to set up their OKR and performance review process. By doing so, they achieved transparency, visibility into the process. They could understand the nuances Engineering teams are facing, and addressed them effectively with a systematic approach. With simple calibration, they could schedule post-review employee-manager 1:1s, they saw a huge scope of improvement. There was also a significant increase in identifying long term goals and achieving them step-by-step with short term goals. With real-time tracking of the entire process, the employees, managers, the team and the department were able to achieve their goals, impacting the business holistically.

The Impact

Both the team’s and the business’s impact was positive. Employees were more open to abiding by the HR processes, teams saw better focus. OKRs truly has become an integral part of their ecosystem.


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Team and business alignment

PeopleBox was a great choice and I am glad we decided to opt for it! The reason we decided to pick PeopleBox was the simplicity of the tool yet the fact that it covered almost all aspects that we were looking for. The biggest advantage was the flexibility it offers to integrate with other tools that we use for tracking day-to-day work deliverables.

I was very impressed with the flexibility of PeopleBox team when we asked them to integrate with a fairly new Project Management tool our Tech team uses and they did it for us without blinking an eye! We ran our performance review cycle and its been a breeze for me and my team to manage a complicated process where we do 360 degree for the whole company! Overall, its not only a great platform to manage and track OKRs but a full-fledged tool for everything "Performance Management".

Ruchika Sawhney Senior Director, Human Resources, CometChat