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teams and execute fast

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Implementing OKRs have never been easier

#1 reason OKR fails because they are often set and forget. Our OKR management tool makes it super easy for your teams to align, track and review OKRs.

OKRs in Review Meetings

Centralised OKR tracking for cross-functional visibility

Avoid blind spots and identify red flags easily with a bird-eye view & worm-eye view of the company’s strategic priorities, goals & KPIs​

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Track OKR progress automatically

Let your team track their goals & KPIs wherever they want and integrate Peoplebox OKR tracking tool with those tools to get a real-time unified view of progress

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Run business and performance reviews within Peoplebox

Create customizable review dashboards easily where you can add Charts, KPIs & narration. Integrate OKRs with performance and 360-degree reviews within clicks.

OKRs in Slack

Manage OKRs within Slack/Teams

Integrate Slack/Teams with our OKR application and other apps to remove friction to use ‘another tool’.

Best OKR platform
designed for both HR and CXOs

Turn your strategies into exceptional results faster with our OKR solution to align, track and review your strategic priorities, cross-aligned goals & initiatives automatically in real-time.


Set Cross Functional
OKRs, KPIs & Projects


Align with Strategic Priorities & Initiatives


Track & Review Progress Easily

Connect your tools with Peoplebox
for seamless workflows

Peoplebox supports ready-to-use integrations across databases, SaaS applications, HRIS, ATS, CRM, project management, and communication platform.

Import employee data

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Run reviews, surveys, 1:1s & OKRs

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Update goals & projects

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Enable single sign-on

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You’re in good company

Thousands of teams across the globe are using Peoplebox to build a high-performing culture and retain top talent.

Easiest way to align, track and review OKRs

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