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Here’s what you achieve with Peoplebox

CEOs trust us with their goal management, and here are the results
10x Growth
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OKRs are built for you to take your team to the mountaintop by stretching goals.
10x better alignment
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Align your team on objectives by letting them own the key results
100% Transparency
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Peoplebox lets your employees check who is working on which goals and provide them a better clarity to contribute more towards company goals.
9 out of 10 employees feel empowered
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Employees aligned on goals and with better role clarity feels empowered to do their job
3X better employee engagement
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OKRs help your employees see how they are contributing to the company's success
300 % Improvement in team productivity
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With clear boundaries and clear goals, everybody is hyper-focused on their goals.
100% accountability in teams
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OKRs are social contracts to how are they contributing to the larger objectives.

With Peoplebox, you can

How Peoplebox is different?

OKRs are amazing but they often fail. That's why we built Peoplebox to help you implement OKR successfully.

Follow ups

Follow-ups require employees to be accountable and allow for an evaluation of what each individual is doing to reach the company’s OKR.
By communicating the success and struggles of an individual, a person can reevaluate and create new goals & progress.


Peoplebox provides personalized coaching & bite-sized learnings to help your managers overcome any people or goals related issues.

Sync with your 1:1s

With integration into 1:1, managers can have meaningful conversations with their teams on goals.

Integrate with Google sheets

Compare your key results on weekly basis to understand how you are progressing

Deep Insights on performance coupled with employee engagement

Peoplebox lets you understand how your top-performers are feeling and provide deep insights to avoid blindspots such as attrition, bad culture, lack of manager support.

What our customers say

I love that I'm able to stay organized in terms of my goals and key results.
I can add them at the beginning of each quarter and have weekly check-ins with the team on what progress has been made. This is absolute perfection as we're a fully-remote team!

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Peoplebox is a tool that we use more and better than we expected.
It is simple and easy to get started. Several executives and employees went out of their way to say that they like this tool better than what it replaced for us.

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“Best platform for driving remote teams”
We have been able to drive fast adoption of OKRs, get quick employee feedback and build strong connect across teams using the platform. The team is very forthcoming and helpful and very open to feedback.

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