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Implement OKRs to drive better alignment, accountability & visbility

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Leverage OKRs to drive better alignment, focus & accountability.

Experience the superpowers of OKRs without changing team behavior.

OKR Software - Set Goals

Focus on the right goals

Craft effective OKRs that articulate focus & direction with OKR library & Coaching

Align all goals & projects at one place

Align teams on companies' top strategic priorities with better alignment visualization

OKR Software With Tracking
OKR software with Check-ins

Track the progress of OKRs automatically

Let your team track their goals & KPIs wherever they want and integrate Peoplebox OKR software with those tools to get a unified view of progress

OKR & Business Review Dashboard

Kill the need of creating business review PPTs/spreadsheets. Make business review dashboards within Peoplebox with data, charts, narrative, and interactions.

OKR Review dashboard
OKR and 1:1

OKR & One-on-One

With integration into 1:1, managers can have meaningful and actionable conversations with their teams on goals(OKRs).

What our customers say

Easiest way to track & review OKRs
I chose Peoplebox because it had integrations with the tools we use for sales and engineering to automate updating of key results.

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Client Logo
Dominic Williamson, CTO

I’m glad that we partnered with Peoplebox for our company-wide OKR rollout.
Thanks to its simplicity, we achieved great adoption within two quarters.

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Client Logo
Rohit Arumugam, Chief of Staff

At the heart of driving excellence at scale is our monthly business reviews
We have been wanting to move this from a ppt to a tool that can reduce the time it takes in filling in the content and tailor the discussion around the qualitative insights and discussion. Peoplebox's seamless connect with Asana, Looker at a solid management dashboard on top of the OKRs has made this possible

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Client Logo
Khilan Haria, VP and Head of Payments Product

It solves major touch points and use cases for a startup intending to implement OKRs
The simplicity of onboarding, clarity of how objectives and key results are presented.

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Client Logo
Malay Krishna, Senior Product Manager

    Clearly the best choice for OKR tool.

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