Turn Employees Feedback into Real Actions

Peplebox helps managers have meaningful 1-on-1s, build continuous feedback loop and take critical actions that matters.

Superlist to
Get Actions Done

  • One stop Smart Action list to Unlock Growth.
  • Convert feedback into actions to prioritise critical low hanging items.
  • Personalised and Timely Nudges to drive meaningful actions.
  • Making it easy to to take actions on issues through contextual one click option.

Do Effective 1:1s
that Makes Difference

  • Automated Scheduling and Prioritisation.
  • Know Agenda and Talking Points.
  • Take Notes and Follow-up Items.
  • Close on Follow-up Items.

Build a Powerful
Feedback Loop in the team

  • Real-time feedback and employees motivation with Action items
  • Know Priorities and any blockers to unlock growth
  • Regular Performence review of Employees to avoid any blindspots

Recognise Teams and
Celebrate Success

  • Understand what went well and create a culture of celebration
  • Recognise team members by sending Kudos
  • Check on Kudos board and enable peer to peer Kudos

Build a great feedback Culture
with Employee Engagement Tool

  • Automated Anonymous employee engagement surveys
  • Powerful analytics with actionable insights
  • Two Way Anonymous Messaging over Employees Feedback
  • Share Insights with Departments and Managers to Drive change

Built to work with what you already use

Peoplebox works with your existing tools

Great Managers for
Teams and Companies of all Sizes

$0/ month Single team upto 4 employees
$6/ month Single team with 4+ employees
$8/ month Per User
$12/ month Per User

What our customers say about us

– Prashant Singh


“ Peoplebox really helped us build a strong feedback and one on one culture at Leadsquared. Both the managers and team love it. With over 300 people in different locations, our managers are able to create a stronger relationship with their teams while increasing their productivity. Its a must have app for us today. ”

- Prashant Singh
COO of Leadsquared

Haoyang Feng

“ Peoplebox helped us improve our 1 on 1s by suggesting talking points and tracking progress on action items. The team is very responsive and is constantly improving the product. It’s the best product I’ve seen in this space! ”

Haoyang Feng

Anenth Guru

“ Peoplebox has kept me accountable for my team’s growth plan and this has significantly increased their trust with me. I really love the Productivity trend charts, as it helps me keep correlating my weekly observations on their performance levels. ”

Anenth Guru
Staff Engineer - Zendrive

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