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Goals and performance management have never been easier, quicker and impactful, thanks to Peoplebox seamless integration with your existing tools and workflows.
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Loved ❤️ by 500+ leading enterprises​

One integrated performance management platform to
drive performance, engagement and execution

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Set, align and track OKRs

Track your objectives, key results, projects and tasks in real-time, at one place and keep them auto-updated with integrations.

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OKR Software
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Make reviews painless, meaningful and fair

Design reviews that are suitable and relevant for your business and culture needs so that you can identify, reward and retain top performers

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Setup post-review one-on-ones automatically

Save time and effort in setting up post review conversations. Automatically block calendar and setup agenda with review summaries

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Easily calibrate performance ratings

Compare and calibrate ratings across any employee data. Easiest way to collaborate on ratings with managers

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Here’s what makes it Powerful Performance Management Platform

More than 500+ HR leaders from 60+ countries trust Peoplebox to build high performing teams.

Auto-schedule 1:1s
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Save time in scheduling manager-direct report meeting and make them effective
Link OKRs with reviews
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Easily define and customize how OKRs should inform performance reviews
Auto-reminders & nudges
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Setup auto-reminder & nudges for slack/teams & emails to nudge employees & managers
Real-time visibility
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Ensure smooth performance review by having real-time visibility of entire review cycle
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Increase review accuracy & reduce bias using our advance calibration techniques
360-degree review in slack/teams
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Remove the need to use yet another tool by running reviews entirely in slack
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Run pulse, recurring and lifecycle surveys
Integrate with all HRIS
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Import data effortlessly, migrate company goals seamlessly, and get started instantly
Continuous feedback
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Run pulse, recurring and lifecycle surveys
Central hub for goal-setting & tracking
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Get a single place where goals/KPIs/Initiatives are aligned & updated in real-time
Align goals & projects
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Align & track all your strategic goals and initiatives at one place
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Auto-updation of goals/KPIs/projects with 100+ Integrations with work tools
White-glove support
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Expert team to guide you so that you’re up and running in no time — from setup to rollout and beyond
Personalised notifications
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personalised email/slack that resonate with employees, convey information, and enhance engagement

Drive amazing adoption within Slack and Teams

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Frequently Asked Questions

Peoplebox platform is the one-stop solution for HR teams. It includes – performance reviews, OKRs (Goals), 1:1s, engagement surveys, KPIs, 9-box, compensation management, competency framework and strategic meetings.

Pricing starts from $7 per user per month. Take advantage of our 50% discount by requesting a demo now.

Yes, It lets you customize every step and phase of your review process and configure your review cycles with mins as per your needs.

From questions, reviewers, competency mapping, performance scoring to goal selection, approval & cycle, Peoplebox lets you run reviews the way you want and lets you seamlessly connect performance review cycle results into compensation decisions, creating fair and equitable pay outcomes.

Yes! It goes beyond just HRIS integrations and lets you integrate work tools to update progress on goals/projects and build great employee experience within Slack/Teams.

Even though it is so super easy to set up, we provide white-glove support that includes admin training, manager training and complete onboarding.

Yes! Peoplebox has in-built template library to run 360 reviews, surveys,1:1s and setting goals.

Peoplebox provides a single goal platform where all company, team and individual goals can be aligned and updated in real-time. Hence it makes it super easy for HR teams to run reviews with goals without putting any effort in collating goals data and following up with employees.

Yes, Peoplebox let you setup personalised nudges and reminders as you want at the every step of review cycle.

Connect your tools with Peoplebox for seamless workflows

Peoplebox supports ready-to-use integrations across databases, SaaS applications, HRIS, ATS, CRM, project management, and communication platform.

Import employee data

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Run reviews, surveys, 1:1s & OKRs

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Update goals & projects

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Enable single sign-on

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You’re in good company

Thousands of teams across the globe are using Peoplebox to build a high-performing culture and retain top talent.

Implement your people strategy as you want

Experience the most-integrated, highly customisable and user-friendly goal setting and performance management tool.